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You can never delete a visual identity, just change it
13. 12. 2020  |  Design

You can never delete a visual identity, just change it

Every company has its visual identity – even if it completely neglects it. Covers, leaflets, website, billboards and staff clothing – if they look ugly and inconsistent, you simply have an unsightly and inconsistent visual identity … And vice versa! Understand how the human brain works, and you will see that a professional visual identity multiplies your success.

Take advantage of the “weaknesses” of the human brain

The human brain is an incredibly perfect biological machine that works very efficiently – in layman’s terms: it really takes it easy. By its very nature, the brain doesn’t want to “work hard” all the time. It knows very well that it has to assess hundreds of new perceptions at any given time. And that’s why it likes to save precious energy – if it sees a “structure” over and over again, and if that structure repeatedly solves a problem, the brain gives it more value in the future.

Visual identity can also be loved

Of course, visual appearance is not everything, and you can rely more on the quality of your products or services. But if you allow people to easily remember the “face” of your company, you will speed up their decision-making processes, and sometimes even eliminate your competitors in advance.

If you set up the visual identity of your business well, people will go to you, choose you and love you. A well-thought-out visual presentation is great in that it creates a support point in your customers’ brains for solving certain tasks – thirst, hunger, but also the choice of a car, telephone operator or local real estate agency.

Visual identity is not just a logo and name

When hearing “visual identity”, many of you imagine mainly a logo and name. But neither the logo nor the name themselves are the only players you can use to win in your industry.

You have many more “chess pieces” available – a specific colour palette (T-Mobile), the use of certain typical shapes (National Gallery Prague) or a uniform font (Google), you can use a human face for your brand (Huawei), or counterattack with a unique animation (Alza).

Let the graphic manual become the company’s bible

To make sure that you have everything in black and white and always know which visual elements to use when and how, a graphic manual is created. This is a precisely prepared manual where correct (sometimes also wrong) examples of the above elements are clearly listed, sorted and shown.

Especially if more people are involved in your company’s marketing, the graphic manual will save you a lot of trouble and guesswork. Insist that you never neglect any part of your business that your customers can see:

  • website
  • mobile app(s)
  • social networks
  • billboards
  • leaflets and catalogues
  • banners
  • emails and newsletters
  • letterheads, envelopes and business cards
  • graphics in videos
  • company premises and navigation system
  • staff clothing

The more you stick to a uniform design which will be well distinguishable from your competitors at all levels, the fewer worries for your clients’ brains when they want to solve a problem … They will prefer you “out of laziness”!

Visual identity in top performance

You can’t delete a neglected corporate visual identity. It will be in your customers’ minds until you fundamentally change it and start showing customers a unified and unique face of your company!

At JennPro, we are able to take your visual identity to a professional level. We will give you a powerful sales tool that will be the support point of your business. We will design a modern logo, colour composition and adequate font, putting everything into a perfectly prepared graphic manual.

Contact us and move your company to a new visual standard with us!