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We use “cookies” on our website In these Cookie Policy Rules (hereinafter: “Rules“) you can learn how we use cookies, why we use that and how you can reject use of cookies.


  • What is a cookie?


Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored into your browser or device by our website or by third party websites when visiting Our website records which operation you managed. When visiting the website again your browser sends cookies back to the website. By this, we can recognize your device and adapt our website according to your preferences. We can use cookies also for adapting the website content for a better user experience or to reach your consent for marketing campaign targeting, etc.


  • How your consent is granted for using cookies?


In the lower part of the website the announcement bar will emerge when opening the website that informs about using cookies. When browsing our website you agree with using cookies according to these Rules. 

You can take back your consent whenever you want. In order to do that you shall reject cookies storing in your browser settings and delete already saved cookies. Detail information you will find in art. 6 of these Rules. 


  • What kind of cookies are used?


      • Temporarily cookies – these are stored into your device just during the session of your browser and are deleted when closing your browser.
      • Permanent cookies – these are stored into your device even after closing the browser for different periods; these cookies enable to recognize your device when re-visiting a website.
      • First-party cookies – cookies issued from the website.
      • Third-party Cookies – cookies issued from our partners for social media, advertising and analyzing purposes.


  • Why do we use cookies and for which purposes?


User experience is more comfortable when using cookies on the website We can also monitor and analyze ways how you use our website and to increase quality and content of the website, further we can adapt and target our marketing campaigns (i.e. active paid advertising and marketing purposes) and to monitor results in order to present what you are interested in.

For these purposes we can use either our cookies or Third-party cookies. Cookies of the marketing instrument operators may be stored into your device when using our website. Or we can share information with these operators that were provided by cookies. Using of these tools enables to improve our offer and take your preferences into account as well as to target marketing campaigns in order to address those who are interested in our offer.

In some cases we use Third-party cookies that enable us to better understand and to improve effectiveness of our advertising on the website or on third-party websites. These cookies are used for personalization, target change and optimization of advertising.

Third-party cookies and the way how to use information get are governed by the personal data privacy policy of third parties. These third parties may combine the data with other information received from you or when using their services.

In detail we use following cookies:

Cookie Category




Cookie datr identifies a browser that connects to Facebook without a concrete identification of a Facebook user 

Cookie fr contains a special combination of a browser and ID to target advertising 

Cookie lu is used for logging and remembers returning user when decides to stay logged. 

Cookie Category



Google Analytics

Google Analytics gathers information that enable us to understand interactions with our website and therefore to improve our services and customer experience with our website. 

and also cookies mentioned in art. 5. below.


  • Third-party cookies


Our website uses Google Analytics cookies, Google tag manager, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Information made by cookies (incl. IP address) will be transferred and saved on servers in the United States or in other countries. These companies will use these information for visiting evaluation purposes of the website and making reports about activity of the website for its operators and for providing other services regarding website activities and using the internet, including marketing purposes. These companies may provide third parties with these information when required by law or if these third parties will process these information for these companies. You can reject using cookies in your browser settings. If so, please be informed that you will not be able to fully use all the features of the website. When using our website you agree with your data treatment by these companies managing abovementioned cookies in the way and for purposes stated above.


  • How to reject storing cookies into your device?


When using cookies you agree with using described cookies. 

Your browser can be set to reject or block the storing cookies into your device, including Third-party cookies. You can also block or allow cookies storing just for specific websites. Stored cookies can be deleted whenever you want. When you reject cookies from website please be informed this website will not work properly and functionality may be limited. 

Concrete steps for most-frequent browsers: 


  • Contact


If you have any questions, please contact us: …………….


JennPro, s.r.o. Company reserves its right to change or modify these Rules.



Operator of the website is JennPro, s.r.o. Company, ID No.: 63676460, with its seat at: Panská 890/7, Nové Město, 110 00 Prague 1.

We do not gather your personal data when not needed. Generally, we gather only following information: Name, Surname, E-mail, Phone number, Country, IP address.

Only gathered information by our side are those necessary for providing services or for direct services addressing or the website visiting analysis purposes. 

Personal data will be treated based on your free consent.

You can remove your consent with gathering and the data treatment whenever you want, you are entitled to demand access to your data, to correct or delete your data, to restrict the treatment, you are further entitled to raise objection, you are entitled to transfer your data to other manager, all by a request sent to e-mail address……………… You can lodge a complaint by the Office for personal data protection when you are of the opinion that the treatment is in breach of the Regulation No. 2016/679.

Your data will be stored just for a necessary period for providing services and in accordance with law. 

When your consent is needed (e.g. for marketing purposes) you can remove your consent whenever you want and we will stop the treatment. By removing your consent the treatment based on the former consent is not affected.

We do not gather any other information that can identify visitors of our website except of the already mentioned. This will, however, not apply for information that you release voluntarily, e.g. via e-mail or when using the website form where your consent is obvious.

JennPro, s.r.o. Company reserves its right to change or modify this Policy.