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What’s the price you have to pay for a successful video?
13. 10. 2021  |  Other

What’s the price you have to pay for a successful video?

Nine dollars!…Seem cheap? Or too much? Maybe if your video was nine seconds long, extremely simple and would be broadcast on 1 July 1941 for about 3,339 television owners in New York – then it might be just right. Naturally, the cost of such a video in 2021 is somewhere completely different. Even so, thanks to current technology, it’s feasible for almost any company to create successful videos.

Exactly 80 years ago, the world’s first ever video commercial was broadcast on the American station WNBT. It is with a touch of national pride that this first video spot celebrated the Bulova watch right before the start of the Dodgers and Phillies baseball game. This prestigious brand, founded in 1875 in Lower Manhattan by Josef Bulova, a Czech emigrant from Louny, has achieved a lot of global and technological success. Since 2007, this brand has been, among other things, under the banner of the Japanese giant, Citizen.

Videos through a different perspective

A lot has changed in video production over the last 80 years – from technologies to the world of the internet, social networks, streaming services to 3D animation, we have almost endless possibilities. Plus, you don’t have to be a celebrity for your video to be seen by millions of people, even on the other side of the planet.

Videos have tremendous power and when compared to text or image ads, videos win hands down. According to recent surveys from 2021, more than 72% of internet users prefer video over text content, and users spend 88% more time on video websites than on static sites. We could show you many more similar (and not so interesting) stats in favour of videos …

The reason videos are successful is quite simple – they are more eloquent, and create a comprehensive image of the product, service, organisation or person in a much faster, easier and more powerful manner. They are also better at evoking the preferred emotions; moreover, they can evoke more trusting interactions and have a higher chance of living their own life through being shared, replayed or commented on.

Videos are worth it

Many companies have understood the clearly set trend and are looking for ways of how to create such videos and how much production can cost. The answer is obviously – complicated…Many viral videos that have conquered the world didn’t cost a cent. But a chipmunk turning its head to dramatic music is not exactly how you want your new product to be represented the world over.

Videos that fall into the hands of professional video creators can range from tens of thousands to millions of crowns. It basically depends on what you expect from the promotional video, who the target audience is, where it will be presented, and what your budget is.

Just so you know what goes into the production of a professional video, here is a quick list of the individual production stages:

Preproduction (preparation)

• Creating a professional script
• Touring the locations
• Preparing the scenes and background
• Casting actors

Production (the shooting itself)

• Renting the space
• Professional cameras and complementary technology
• Camera operator, sound engineer, director, producer, make-up artists, etc.
• Actors, extras, stunt performers

Postproduction (finishing the video)

• Selecting the shots and editing
• Selecting the music and possible music licenses
• Graphic work and animation
• Styling and colouring
• Voiceover (renting the studio and actors)

The video pay-off

You can easily come up with the script, become famous yourself instead of hiring professional actors, use your own space instead of special locations, use freely available music instead of licensed music, etc. The fewer the stages you have to engage in, the cheaper your video will be.

On the other hand, professionals in the field will provide you with undeniable quality comparable to global production, from the script, direction, camera to the sound and lighting and finishing off with the overall message. And that’s the most important thing about your investment into video production – to reach the goals set out before the start of video production. Sometimes it may just take 20 thousand crowns, but other times 500 thousand may not cover it.

We know your value

At JennPro, we not only focus on great images and a perfect sound, but mainly on the specific results when creating professional videos.

Our seasoned video creators and producers will be happy to listen to your ideas and goals. Let us advise you on how to effectively achieve those goals through a well-produced video, and allow us to present different pricing options.

Contact our team and start shooting your story for new customers! Just like Josef Bulova once did…